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Tifco Logistics & Trade Ltd was founded on the 24th of October 2007 as an Israeli company and is registered with the registrar of companies in the ministry of justice of Israel. Sudath Kannangara is the sole shareholder and managing director of the company for the last thirteen years.

Tifco company operates two branch offices in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. It was granted a license to handle currency exchange services and remittances by the ministry of finance at the state of Israel. Tifco Logistics was the representative for People's Bank, Seylan Bank, Nations Trust Bank, and Bank of Ceylon for over a decade and it is the sole representative of Bank of Ceylon in Israel for remittances from 2009 to date. We serve the Sri Lankan migrant employee community in Israel in transferring their monthly salary to their loved ones in Sri Lanka. We collect funds from the migrant employees and transfer them to Bank of Ceylon, through our partner Banks in Israel. Now with Tifco, the hassle to transfer money to Sri Lanka is over. With us, you not only save money on your transfer but also send money to Sri Lanka safely.

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